Wm. Effler and William Jr. pictured in the original store in 1920.
Current location in the Rookood Pavilion.



Wm. Effler Jewelers was established in August of 1920 in Mt. Healthy by William and Clara Effler. It was the first jewelry store in the community.

In that era, a community situated on a hilltop, 10 miles from downtown Cincinnati, was geographically isolated. Aside from that, the village boasted a tailoring industry of some 36 pants shops. These provided jobs for many of the inhabitants. It was the center of a farming area, and the stores and shops served this community as well.

With these facts in hand, the Effler couple concluded that here indeed was not only a business opportunity, but also a fine community in which to rear their four children. So it was here that they established residence and started the business in Mt. Healthy.

William Sr. came to Mt. Healthy not only with his previous jewelry store experience, but with a background in jewelry manufacturing and watchmaking that started from age 14. The small store in a frame building at 14 North Main Street was a mom and pop operation with both William and Clara serving the people of the town. As the children grew and matured, they too assisted in the operation.

In 1927, the original store, which has become too small, was replaced with a new and larger store on the same site. In 1937, a branch store was opened in College Hill. William Effler Sr. continued with the operation of both until he retired in 1948. At this point, the business was operated as a partnership by William Jr., his sister Rita, and her husband. In 1963 the partnership was dissolved, and William and his wife Dorothy assumed sole ownership of the Mt. Healthy store. They continued its operation until 1982.

In 1982, the business was sold to son-in-law Mark Andrus and daughter Mary Effler Andrus. In July 1989, Mark and Mary opened a second location on Hyde Park Square. That store has since relocated to its present location in the Rookwood Pavillion.

As of March 1st, 2001, the Mt. Healthy location was sold and Wm. Effler Jewelers now operates soley out of the Rookwood Pavillion location. Our very talented jeweler, Dino Cittadino, has also relocated to our brand new state of the art repair shop.

In September 2007, the business was passed on to the fourth generation. Mark and Mary's son Adam and his wife Marianne look to carry on the tradition of excellent customer service and fine quality products for years to come in the family business.

Along with its mission of serving the client with the "Golden Rule," strides have been made through the years to educate the staff and to make advancements in our repair and maufacturing capabilities. We're very proud to have a staff including three certified gemologists appraisers, and three very talented craftspeople in our manufacturing shop.

It is with deep thanks and appreciation to our friends and patrons that we celebrate our 91st year.